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Ashley Way is a mixed media artist based outside of Ottawa, Ontario. She draws her inspiration from her childhood living in Newfoundland, as well as time spent in P.E.I. Her love of the North Atlantic coast of Canada is evident in many of her pieces, with themes of the ocean, rocks, beaches, and the natural world present throughout her work. 

Ashley is self-taught and is constantly evolving as an artist, as is shown in the progression of her work. She uses art as a creative outlet, allowing her to explore her connections with her family history on the East Coast, and to pay tribute to the landscapes that deeply inspire her.
Ashley has been married to her husband John since 2011. He has been one of her biggest supporters. As a maker himself, he understands and respects the creative process, and together they make a very talented pair! She has also spent most of her life witnessing creativity through her Mother. Her Mom is also one of her biggest inspirations because of her sheer determination, immense love and unwavering support.


Ashley is a Registered Nurse by profession, and has always been passionate about helping people, especially children. She is kept very busy by her two young daughters, both of whom have inherited the “artistic gene” from their parents. Ashley is very family oriented and draws much of her artistic inspiration from time spent on the East Coast with family and friends. As most of her family lives in Newfoundland, she regularly travels there and enjoys sharing her love of the ocean with her daughters while also appreciating the slower pace of life.

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